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We provide below mentioned workshops of the request of other institutions.

Workshop for Newly Married and ready to marry couples

  • How to become good partners
  • How to plan future
  • Stress management
  • How to tackle young children

Workshop for senior citizens.

  • How to face for the retirement
  • Is retirement a “Death Rock” or Road to Haven/Nirvana?

Workshop on Learning and related dificulties

  • How can you pass O/L & A/L with smile?
  • Love and studies

Workshop for parents

  • How to tackle your young children?
  • Tips to win young children’s heart?

Workshop for Future Leaders/Factory Managers/Executives/Trainies/workers

  • A psychological approach to understand thoughts, emotions, self – awareness & self-esteem
  • Counseling and its effectiveness in work setting.
  • How to become a satisfied employee balancing personal and official life
  • Stress and stress management
  • Effectiveness of Mindfulness practice